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"Excavation Contractors CT did a terrific job with the excavation services we needed when it was time to expand at our property. The crew was friendly, they worked pretty quickly, it looked great, and the prices were fair. I would highly recommend them for whatever you need in excavation."
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Excavation Contractors CT is the leading septic and excavation company servicing New Haven and Fairfield Counties.  Our excavating contractors have been bringing expert excavation services to the Danbury and nearby areas for over 40 years, and understand what it takes to bring you the quality service you deserve.
Whether for foundations, septic, swimming pools or otherwise, you can depend on our experienced team of excavation professionals to deliver results to exceed your expectations. Now you'll never have to ask the question, "Where's the best excavation companies near me? again" The answer is Excavation Contractors CT. 
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Dedication, Precision, Efficiency

We have been determined to bring towns and cities near Danbury the services needed for a wide range of different excavation services. With our dedication to quality, precision and efficiency, we are one of the few excavating companies who have set ourselves apart in the region when it comes to excavation services nearby.
Whatever the task you have at hand, you can be sure that we have the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to bring a quick resolution and the means to effective use of space. When you have to bring attention to matters underground, the right excavating services can make all the difference. Our excavating contractors have the BBB rating to prove it and the reviews to guarantee an awesome job!

Our Professional Excavating Contractor Services

We dig holes, if you want to oversimplify things. If you’d rather be more accurate, we dig the most precise and useable holes possible in Danbury CT and the surrounding region. We have been called upon to bring our services to all manner of excavation site work, whether providing drainage, leach fields or digging footings for foundations. This range of experience has allowed us to hone our skills in a wide variety of options, and to bring more in the range of services to the Danbury area than any other local excavation contractor you may find.

General Excavation Services

Excavation Contractors CT brings you general excavation services to any task you have, delivering high quality commercial and residential excavation for a wide variety of needs. Whether you’re looking to install a patio, deck, retaining wall or any other number of services, you can be sure that our experts are fully prepared to tackle the job at hand. We bring you the means to deal with sloping on your property, grading issues and other such measures of rounding out your property.

No matter the attention you require from our experienced contractors, you can rely on our professional excavating contractors to always bring you the highest level of quality, professionalism and attention to detail on each and every job. 

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Septic Tank Installation

If you have a property that relies on a septic tank, then you know the importance in which the septic tank installation is carried out is to the overall efficacy of the system. Septic tank installation and repair excavation are one of the services in which we bring the highest level of experience, and one that we have delivered for years.

Whether you need a custom septic tank installed, leach field piping dug, or any other portion of service required to have an effective septic system design and installation in place, you can depend on our high level of experience and customer experience to be the best excavating contractors near Danbury CT!


Foundation Digging & Excavating

We are your go-to local foundation contractors with over 45 years of experience. Building your home atop a strong and carefully installed foundation is the means to having a dependable space you can rely on. Our expert team of foundation digging contractors have been working closely with site surveyors and concrete specialists to bring the precise excavating you need for this service.

From site preparation to accurate grading, our experts bring you an empty space you can feel confident building upon. Precision in your foundation is the hallmark of a long lasting property. We provide residential foundation digging, foundation installation, commercial foundation digging and more.

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foundation grading and site preparation by excavation contractors Connecticut

Grading and Site Preparation

From parking lots to driveways, patios to pools, the right grading can make all the difference. We may not consider how much geometry goes into the angles on our property, and yet with certain installations, the slighted inaccuracy in the dig can find itself multiplied exponentially as layers are placed on top. Ensuring that the job is done right the first time is the ambition of our service, providing you with an effective space to build on.

Excavation Contractors CT is the area's leading experts for foundation grading and site preparation. To learn more about our services, we make it very simple and straightforward. Just give us a call or fill out an online quote request form. We'll get in touch, take down your information, and schedule a convenient time for one of our excavating contractors to look at your property. 


Water Drainage Contractors

If you have enough standing water on your property to train for the Olympic swim team, then perhaps the efficacy of your drainage needs to be investigated. Drainage issues can cause significant problems on your property including destruction to your yard and your home's foundation. Our water drainage solutions often involve one of the following:

  • French drains
  • Curtain drains
  • Footing drains
  • Sump pumps

Whether in the after effects of hardscaping, or landscaping you can find yourself with a water drainage issue, and we bring you the drain channel services you need to effectively provide a solution. Our 45+ years of experience makes us one of the top local water drainage companies in CT. Learn more of our yard or backyard drainage services below.

water drainage contractors in CT
pool excavation contractors in CT

Pool Excavation & Digging

We can understand your excitement when it comes to installing an underground pool. The images of lazy, sunny days spent relaxing, escaping the heat of the summer sun. The first step in the process is digging the hole in which it will be installed, and the right excavation and grading makes a big difference. Entrusting in the services of a company that has extensive experience in this matter is important to the overall efficacy of your pool installation.

Excavation Contractors CT is well known for providing high quality excavation for pool installations. Our team has over 15 years of experience and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don't mess around when it comes to a big investment. Hire a trusted company for your pool excavation in CT.

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Expert Demolition Services in CT

Demolition is a messy job, but it is not unorganized. The best demolition contractors must have a well laid out plan before attempting any demolition. It can be extremely dangerous work and it is crucial that all the necessary precautions are taken. That said, Excavation Contractors CT is extremely serious about safety protocols when attempting demolition, and always make sure that our services are the most effective and the least disruptive. Some of the projects we have worked on that involved demolition in CT were for:

  • Houses
  • Schools
  • Old factories
  • Churches
  • Playgrounds
  • Pools

If it can be constructed, it can be demolished. So, if you are looking to clear a structure and make room for something new, we can help. Get in touch for a free, no-obligation estimate on demolition services in CT.

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clearing brush for excavation site in CT

Brush Clearing, Land Clearing, Erosion Control & Pond Construction

In addition to excavation and demolition, we offer a variety of other services. Since they all involve excavation to some degree, we are proud to use our equipment, tools, and manpower to assist with the following projects:

If it involves excavation machinery and expertise working with foundations, soil composition, construction, or demolition, we're the highest quality team for the job. If you have a project that you would like a free, no-pressure quote for, get in touch today.

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See what our customers have to say:
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Hired Excavation Contractors CT for general excavation and drainage project. I was very satisfied with the quality of service and the job was done in a timely professional manner. Would definitely recommend them
- Smith Mueller

#1 Local Excavation Contractors in CT 

It would be selfish for us to keep a service as beneficial as excavation simply to the area constraints of our home town. We have always had the ambition of bringing our services to all of the neighboring towns and cities that may require them, and through our years of service have expanded to include as many as possible.

Whether you’re in Danbury, Ridgefield, Milford, Fairfield, New Haven, Greenwich, Stamford or Norwalk you have the access you need to professional excavation and grading services with just a call. We are here to ensure that all those who require services have the means to obtain them. 

Not on the list and wondering if we offer excavation services near you? We provide excavating and septic tank system installations to all CT service areas within Fairfield and New Haven Counties so get in touch with us today!



We're proud to offer our extensive excavation services nearby in Danbury CT and surrounding towns. Live nearby, get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote and to schedule service.


We also service the nearby town of Ridgefield, CT. If you live in or around this area, our local excavation contractors can provide top-notch excavating services in Ridgefield CT as well.


We are happy to provide our excavating services down along the coast in Milford, CT. If you live nearby Milford, we'll come right to you to inspect your property and give an in-person estimate.


Excavation in Fairfield just got a whole lot better! We're your local Fairfield excavating contractors awaiting your call. We'll walk you through our process and give you a free quote!

New Haven

For over 45 years we've also provided our excavation contractor services to New Haven, CT as well. Just a couple towns over, New Haven CT is one of our favorite places to serve.


Excavation Contractors CT also serves the lovely town of Greenwich CT. If you are looking for expert excavating nearby Greenwich, give us a call today for your free no-obligations quote.


The town of Stamford, CT is right next door to us and we're proud to also offer our professional excavation services in Stamford as well. Call our Stamford excavation contractors today!


Right next to Danbury is the beautiful town of Norwalk, CT where we are happy to offer our excavation services. Call us, the area's best local excavation contractor in Norwalk today!

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Making the choice to call us is the easy part, and being able to contact us should be just as simple. We bring you a means of contact that will have you directly in touch with someone who can bring you answers. Providing you with more information regarding the cost of a septic system installation and of our other various excavation services, the ability to book appointments easily, and to give more details about how our offerings are brought to your property. 

We are always ready and willing to bring you the experienced touch you need to fulfill your ambitions, and look forward to the opportunity to serve our friends and neighbors.
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