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Excavation Contractors CT are the local general excavation contractors you need for a variety of services across Danbury and the surrounding areas. No matter the excavation jobs, we have your needs covered. From pool excavations to water and sewer line services, we have the services you need to tend to any task you have on your property.

If you’re looking for a locally experienced excavation contractor, making the call to our offices and we will soon have you on the way to a perfectly dug and graded space. 

residential and commercial excavation services
water and sewer line hookup in CT

Water & Sewer Lines

Whether installing lines for your new property, or having yours treated for issues, getting the right excavation contracts on the task will bring you the access your plumbing professionals need. We work in conjunction with various experts in the Danbury area to ensure that we’re providing an effective and usable space for your property needs, and know what it takes to produce quality results.

In bringing your property reliable sewer and water lines, we bring you the means to effectively allow clean water in, and waste water out, giving a beneficial service to your home for the future.  If you are in need of a complete septic tank installation and hookup we offer the entire service as well!

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Slope Stabilizing

If you own a property with a noticeable slope, then treatment can be important. Whether you’re looking to have your slope professionally graded, or the excavations made to have a retaining wall put into place, you can depend on our accuracy. We know what it takes to bring you a more manageable space, and to bring less potential hazard to your property.

With the risk of landslide present in properties with aggressive slopes, having the right professionals bring their attention to this matter will give you the peace of mind in knowing your property is safer from here on out. Give us a call to get started with a free, no-obligation quote for slope grading anywhere in Connecticut. 

slope stablizing excavation service in CT
driveway grading and general excavation services in CT

Driveway Grading

Installing a new driveway to your property brings you a quality of life addition that you’ll be able to depend on for many years to come, provided it’s placed accurately. In order to have that dependability, the proper grade is required. Our excavation contractors recommend grading for the following reasons:

  • Makes driveway installation easier and faster
  • Reduce the chance of erosion from rainwater
  • Reduce cracking and damage from rogue plant life

We have been bringing grading services to a variety of needs across the Danbury area for years, and have the right professionals and equipment to provide you with the results you need. Take your first steps to reliability with the efficacy of our grading service.



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Joe is one of the best contractors that I have ever worked with. His decisions and advice reflect his extreme knowledge of construction - he builds and designs projects to last. Throughout the project, he always had a backup plan for everything. I gave him access to my house while I was at work; he is completely trustworthy. I highly recommend Excavation Contractors CT will use them again for future projects.
- Crist Stilianos

Our Other Key General Excavation Services in CT

There are many excavation services that you can entrust to Excavation Contractors CT. Whether you’re looking for a pool excavation contractor, need foundation excavation for repairs, or a wide range of other services, you can depend on the expertise we bring. We have the skills and experience needed to plan, dig, grade and backfill any size or space you require. When you need an excavation contractor who is dedicated to bringing you effective results in order to make improvements to your property, you can depend on Excavation Contractors CT to bring you the full weight of our experience. Call now for a free quote on general excavation!


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