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Septic System Installation Services Near Danbury CT

If you live off the main water supply in Danbury or the nearby area, then you’re all too familiar with your septic tank. We understand the importance of this installation, and therefore understand how vital it is to have it properly installed at a reasonable cost. Excavation Contractors CT has been bringing quality septic system installation services including septic tank installation service and repair across the region for many years. We know what it takes to bring you the results you’re looking for at a price you can afford. When you need a reliable septic system for your home, putting your trust in our experienced professionals will always yield you the best possible results.

Our installation professionals work across the region to bring the effective space for an installation service. Our trained experts have the capability to bring you a new, or replacement septic tank you can count on for the life of your home. It’s always best to install something right the first time, then to continually have to go back and make adjustments, and though we always deliver this level of precision, you can be sure that our service is still quick and affordable. For septic system installation across the Danbury area, making the call to Excavation Contractors CT is the first step in the right direction, and we are always ready and waiting to bring you the service you seek.

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Septic Tank Installation

Your septic tank has certain requirements on where it’s installed, and knowing these intricacies ensures that you only need to have one large hole dug on your property. With the right surveying team leading the way, the location of your septic system installation will be carefully planned out and mapped for our professional excavation contractors to tend to. By focusing on having the right plan in place before any work is done, you have the capability to have a reliable installation, in a spot that will bring long-term housing to your septic tank.

Grading the Space

Your septic tank and cesspool require precise installation in order to ensure they work together properly. This means bringing a professional grading to the hole dug, in order to ensure that angles are correct, depth is proper, and reliability is in place. When looking for an excavation contractor in the Danbury area that brings you more than just a hole, calling in the pros at Excavation Contractors CT will have you on your way. We bring the same level of quality grading as we would to any foundation or swimming pool, ensuring that you have a dependable septic system installation that foregoes the need for future attention. 

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Repair Digging

In order to bring effective repairs to your septic tank, you first need to be able to access it. As you know, the majority of your septic tank remains underground, meaning that if an issue strikes, you need to be able to reach the affected area. This is where the effective services of Excavation Contractors CT come in handy, bringing you the digging necessary to reach the problem. Whether working in conjunction with septic services or professional plumbers, you can count on our experts to bring you the proper and accessible services needed to bring quality repairs.

Septic Tank Design

The type of hole and space brought for your septic tank installation or replacement service will all come down to the design of the septic tank being put into place. Whether you’re opting for a flat and wide design, or a tall and thin one, you will need a different type of space dug for each. Much the same as the problem of trying to fit a round block in a square hole, the issue persists across items of all sizes. When you have your septic design chosen, and the site surveyed, you can depend on Excavation Contractors CT to bring the right shaped hole. 

repair digging and septic tank system installation in Connecticut
foundation digging and grading for septic installation in CT


After the installation of your septic tank is complete, there’s the simple matter of burying it once more. We fulfill this need by ensuring that when we remove soil and topsoil from your property for the initial dig, it is placed in a location safe of contamination and loss. As part of you septic system installation; after your tank installation is completed, we bring back this soil in order to completely submerge the tank using the same type of soil your property is used to. Once the back-filling is complete, we grade the surface to your specifications, allowing you to use the space as you see fit. ​

Leach and Septic Drain Field

If you’re looking to install a septic tank on a property that can accommodate a septic leach field, you can rely on Excavation Contractors CT to bring you the services you need to run the necessary piping for these locations as well. By bringing your property the means to effectively filter and dispose of waste water, you rely less on septic treatment systems over time, and can use the removed water for both irrigation and fertilization. In order to institute a drain field on your property, the right underground piping is required, and Excavation Contractors CT brings you the means to have it installed effectively.


Septic Tank Installation Cost

How much does a septic tank and system cost? As much as it would be helpful to know how much a septic tank installation costs for your property, it is a service that is dependent on many factors. Calling into our offices brings you the ability to speak with a professional who can provide you with more information and provide a septic tank cost after an in person estimate on your property.

Your satisfaction is important to us, we have been professionally installation septic system near Danbury CT for over 15 years and our services can give you the same track record of success. For a free estimate on septic tank installation, fill out an online quote request. We're more than happy to answer any questions you might have about septic system installation.

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Septic Tank Installation, and Other Affordable Excavation Services

There are many locations across Danbury and the surrounding area that can find themselves in need of effective septic tank installation, and Excavation Contractors CT is here to bring services to them all. From our home town location, to surrounding towns and cities, we are the reliable professional excavation service you need to bring results. Whether you’re looking to have a septic system installed, or the means to bring proper repairs, having the right excavation contractor on site makes it all the easier. We are available across our service area to provide the results you need for your property. ​


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