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Though we are proud to call Danbury our home, we understand that minimizing our service area to our own backyard is a poor tactic for us to take as an excavation company. Not only does this limit the amount of properties we can bring our services to, but also limits the amount of choice that those in the surrounding area have access to. We are in the business of bringing our services to anyone who may need it. In conjunction with professionals of various other specialties, working solely with our clients, or providing various companies the offerings they need, we continually look to broaden our horizons. The has led us to growth over the years, and an expansion of our excavation services.

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excavation contractors in CT
Excavation Contractors CT

Excavation Digging & Septic Installation Services in CT

Whether you’re looking for professional grading, excavation, septic work, foundation digging, or a wide variety of other choices, we aim to be the company there for you. This means having the capability to get to our neighboring towns as quickly and efficiently as we can to our own.

Whenever you find yourself in need of experienced attention to your property, then making the choice to pick up the phone and call into our offices will yield you fast and reliable results. We are the excavation company of choice the following areas: Danbury, Ridgefield, Milford, Fairfield, New Haven, Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk and all of New Haven & Fairfield County.

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Excavation Contractors CT is proud to call Danbury our home base! We have been providing quality excavation in Danbury and septic tank installation services to its residence for over 40 years and continue to receive compliments and referrals from all of our excavation work over the years!

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Excavation Contractors Danbury
Excavation Contractors Ridgefield


Ridgefield CT has been on the rise during our 40 years of serving the area. There has been massive growth in the housing market and we have happy to be at the ground level! Literally. We have been providing our grading, foundation digging, & excavation services in Ridgefield to make sure new buildings start with a good base.

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Excavation Contractors CT has done numerous jobs for excavation in the Milford area and looks forward to providing our quality excavating work to this coastal community. We make sure that these areas have the proper drainage and landscape design to make sure water goes where it needs to.

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Excavation Contractors Milford
Excavation Contractors Fairfield


Our excavation company in Fairfield has been providing many of our services to contractors and residence alike trying to build their homes with the best foot forward. This starts with excavation and by working with us we make sure you are in good hands.

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New Haven

While New Haven is a bit of a hike from our home town of Danbury, we will happily make the trip to give you an estimate on your needs. Our excavating services in New Haven includes grading and land leveling services, foundation digging services for proper footing installation and septic tank installations at the best prices and lowest costs.

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Excavation Contractors New Haven
Excavation Contractors Greenwich


We are always happy to travel to Greenwich to make sure a beautiful home gets the foundation it needs to thrive for many years to come. From foundation digging and land leveling services to septic tank design and installation services, we will do everything we can to get the job done right! Give us a call for a free quote on excavation in Greenwich, CT.

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Excavation Contractors CT will gladly provide estimates and assess needs of anyone who is requiring excavating services in Stamford, CT. We do much more too! Our specialty is our septic system installations as well as installing leach and drain fields for proper drainage.

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Excavation Contractors Stamford
Excavation Contractors Norwalk


Our excavating contractors in Norwalk have done many jobs in the nearby area and are always willing to travel to your area as well! Just give us a call and we will arrange to travel to your location and assess what sorts of excavation or site work needs you might have. From general excavation services to complete septic tank installations.

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Excavation Contractors in Monroe Working at Reasonable Rates

Have you contacted other excavation contractors in Monroe only to discover their astronomical prices? It doesn’t seem fair. But, with excavating, you need to have specific equipment and skilled professionals working for you. You definitely don’t want to cut corners, but you don’t want to get overcharged, either. That’s why we encourage you to get estimates from other local contractors. We have some of the most competitive rates you’ll find. Our crew is also the most dependable you’ll find!

Instead of stressing over your excavation work, let us help you get it done in a timely manner. Set up your on-site consultation today.

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Excavating Contractors in New Haven and Fairfield Counties

Fret not!  If you don't see your town listed and you landed on our website, odds are you are within our service area!  We provide excavating services to all surrounding towns and areas in New Haven and Fairfield County. 

Our excavation contractors know what it takes to provide results, with years in the business, and experience on their side.

This gives you the access you need to create the space in which to place a home, a pool, hardscaping, and an untold amount of other options.

We are more than just skilled in moving dirt, providing you with a wide range of services in order to properly bring you the accessible space required.

Whatever the work you find waiting for you on your property, wherever that property may be in our service area, you can depend on solid results. 

From our hometown of Danbury to neighboring cities and towns across the region, all it takes is a simple phone call to have the right professionals on site quickly. Whether you’re looking to find out the cost of service, the options that we bring to the area, or any other number of questions, our phone reps are waiting to talk to you. We are here to ensure that you get the results you’re looking for, no matter the task you have at hand.

Starting from the first point of contact, to assessment, surveying, digging, backfilling, and hundreds of other small tasks, we are continually putting care and attention into every detail of our services. We have built our reputation at home, and expanded upon it abroad, bringing our entire service region the professional-grade results necessary to move forward with any number of plans.

Making the choice to call into Excavation Contractors CT is choosing to bring in the best.

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